Educational Medicare Seminar

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October begins the 2022 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) and whether you are new to Medicare or have been a beneficiary for a while, it pays to know the system.

Please join us for this free education only seminar at
the Shelbyville Library (Carnegie Annex)
on Oct 14, Oct 16, Oct 28, or Oct 30.

Learn more about...

  • Medicare Advantage vs MediGap/MedSupp
  • Why even if you receive VA benefits, a special Medicare Advantage policy might be beneficial
  • How to avoid the permanent Part D Prescription Drug penalty
  • Special Enrollment Periods
  • Dual Eligible Medicare-Medicaid programs
  • "Benefits Check-Up" programs for lower incomes
  • All types of eligibilities
  • 2022 Changes
  • Dental, Hearing, and Vision programs
  • What is Medicare Advantage Part C and why do more people enroll each year
  • The Part D "Donut Hole"
  • Why a hospital stay can be disastrous and how to avoid a financial problem
  • How to enroll from home
  • Question & Answer period

At each session, there will be light refreshments and free gifts.

Register for the Seminar

Required disclaimers: Seminars at the Shelbyville Library are not sponsored by the library. This is an education only event and plan-specific information will not be discussed. Not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or the federal Medicare program.